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Bio-Marine Oyster Lease New Zealand

Biomarine has a processing plant at Snells Beach, on the Mahurangi Harbour New Zealand
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Richards Brothers Seafoods (Qld) Pty Ltd - Fresh Oysters and Frozen New Zealand Oysters.



Half Shell Oyster

New Zealand Pacific Oyster

Richards Brothers Seafoods (Qld) Pty Ltd are wholesale Seafood specialists with more than 25 years experience in the seafood industry. We are situated at Geebung, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Richards Brothers Seafoods (Qld) Pty Ltd are agents for a number of Companies and have access to others. Consequently we carry a large range of food products and have access to many others. We supply fresh half shell oysters and unopened oysters. Sydney Rock oysters and Coffin Bay oysters are supplied when available. Moreton Bay oysters may also be available.

Single Seed Oyster Spat - Single seed oysters.

The best oysters are produced from Single Seed Oyster Spat on a single Oyster stick.

The Word Oyster

The word oyster is used as a common name for a number of distinct groups of bivalve molluscs which live in marine or brakish habitats. The valves are highly calcified.

A Delicacy

Some kinds of oyster are commonly consumed, cooked or raw, by humans as a delicacy. Other kinds such as pearl, generally not eaten by humans, are harvested for the pearl produced within the mantle.



Richards Brothers Seafoods (Qld) Pty Ltd supply quality Oysters.

Oyster Half Shell

Oyster Half Shell

Oyster Lease 02

Oyster lease.

New Zealand Oysters

BioMarine Lease New Zealand

Bio-Marine Oyster Lease New Zealand

Jim Dollimore

Jim Dollimore, chief executive of Snells Beach based Biomarine Ltd and NZ Oyster Industry Association committee member.


Richards Brothers Seafoods (Qld) Pty Ltd supply frozen New Zealand Pacific Oysters.

Small Half Shell Pacific Oysters - 10 Doz per Carton

Large Half Shell Pacific Oysters - 10 Doz per Carton

Jumbo Half Shell Pacific Oysters - 6 Doz per Carton

New Zealand Jumbo Oysters

Jumbo Oysters are now available.

At the present time there are plenty of New Zealand Oysters but there is a shortage Jumbo Oysters. We do have limited stocks as of 29/08/2013 but no further Jumbos arriving until October 2013.

Some oyster keywords
Smoked oysters and double smoked oysters

Smoked Oysters

Smoked oysters and double smoked oysters are not presently available.

Oyster Grade by Shell size

Name Top(flat) Length

Club/Cocktail 40-50mm

Bistro 50-60mm

Buffet /plate 60-70mm

Standard 70-85mm

Large 85-100mm

Jumbo 100-120mm

Grandee /Jumbo Jumbo 120-150mm

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