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Glacier 51 - Toothfish.

Glacier 51 Retail

Antarctic Toothfish Portions

White Tablecloth Restaurant quality - No waste - No need to re-freeze
Average Portion Size - 120 g (110 to 180 grams)
Average Carton Size 6 kg - Wholesale Price $69.00 / Kg
Caught in Australian waters off Antartica at Heard Island (See Map)
Average price per piece $9.50
Heard Island

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Last summer, the Royal New Zealand Navy ventured far from its beaten path into the iceberg-strewn waters off East Antarctica. There it found three pirate ships illegally fishing Antarctic toothfish—a deep-dwelling favourite of top chefs, a fishery worth nearly $600 million. What followed was a four- month chase also involving Australian authorities and two vessels of the direct-action organisation Sea Shepherd. By the end, five pirate ships were detained and one lay at the bottom of the sea, sunk in suspicious circumstances. This is a story of navies and pirates, of governments and vigilantes, of an ugly fish that grows to the size of a human, and a daring pursuit across three oceans to drive poachers out of our seas. WRITTEN BY CHRISTOPHER PALA PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY SEA SHEPHERD & NZ NAVY

Antatctic Toothfish Stamp

Australian Postage Stamp 2006 - Toothfish

Antarctic toothfish

"The US and New Zealand have settled a dispute over fishing the antarctic toothfish, pictured with a diver in the Ross Sea."

We at Richards Brothers Seafoods (Qld) Pty Ltd supply quality Glacier 51 Toothfish fillets to the local market.

Tooth Fish

Image of a Patagonian Toothfish

Glacier 51 Patagonian Toothfish Fillets

Glacier 51 Antarctic Toothfish fillets
Glacier 51 - Toothfish Fillets

Austral Fisheries has launched a new product line to the Australian marketplace - Glacier 51 Toothfish fillets. These 3 to 4kg fillets are dry processed and vacuum sealed to retain its premium qualities.

Glacier 51 Toothfish is the only wild caught, white fleshed fillet of this size, that has the sustainable credentials of the MSC and Seafood Watch program to arrive in any market.

Have a look at the web site for Glacier 51 for more detailed information about Antarctic Toothfish.

For detailed information about longline fishing in the Antarctic region and the difference between Patagonian Toothfish and Antarctic Toothfish watch The Antarctic Toothfish Fishery Video below. Take notice of where the fishing vessels from Austral Fisheries conduct their operations at Heard Island.

Austral Fisheries Corporate Video

The Antarctic Toothfish Fishery

Longlining for Toothfish at Heard Island on Austral Leader II - Winter 2009

Antarctic Toothfish - Chilean Sea Bass

Frozen in Time

The Ross Sea: Frozen in Time

A short documentary about 'Why the Ross Sea, Antarctica is special' covering several areas including 'The Ross Sea's unique wildlife' and the 'Benefits of Marine Protection'. It looks closely at the Antarctic Tooth-fish, what might happen if they become overfished and then maybe, extinct. It also looks at the affect it will have on the rest of The Ross Sea's food chain.
This film is entered in The Last Ocean Online Short Film Competition as LO2011_Kahiwi Pictures_Frozen in Time.

LO2011_Kahiwi Pictures_Frozen in Time

Ugly fish with sweet meat proves a treat. The rise of the deep dwelling Patagonian toothfish.

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Interesting link to an article about Antarctic Cod - Notothenia coriiceps - who can adapt to live out of water.

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