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Richards Brothers Seafoods (Qld) Pty Ltd - Brisbane's Best Seafood


Richards Brothers Seafoods (Qld) Pty Ltd are wholesale Seafood specialists with more than 28 years experience in the seafood industry. We are situated at Geebung, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Richards Brothers Seafoods (Qld) Pty Ltd are agents for a number of Companies and have access to others. Consequently we carry a large range of food products and have access to many others. Come to Geebung to find Brisbane's Best Seafood.

Richards Brothers Seafoods (Qld) Pty Ltd - Whole sale Sea food

Wholesale Seafood Distributors Geebung - Wholesale Au.

Richards Brothers Seafoods (Qld) Pty Ltd - Brisbane's Best Seafood.

Wholesale Distributors

Brisbane's Best Seafood

Brisbane's Best Seafood

Brisbane's Best Wholesale Seafood.

We are : Wholesalers Distributors

Wholesale seafood distributors. We are wholesalers and distributors based in Geebung Brisbane.

Whole sale - Wholesalers Queensland.

Brisbane's Best Fresh seafood - Brisbane's Best Frozen seafood - Brisbane's Best whole sale sea food wholesalers and distributors.

Wholesale Distribution - Whole sale Products

Seafood store and Seafood Market for fresh and frozen fish and all seafood online.

For wholesale supplies of fresh fish and all your wholesale products

What is a wholesale distributor?

Richards Brothers Seafoods (Qld) Pty Ltd are food suppliers where you can buy wholesale food and wholesale seafood and we are based in Geebung Brisbane. In order to purchase from us we require that you purchase products in a commercial quantity and that simply means that you must purchase say fish fillets by the carton not by retail quantities.

An example.

Brisbane's Best Seafood Clearwater

Clearwater Canadian Scallops

Nile Perch Whole

Nile Perch

Nile Perch Fillets

We sell cartons of Nile Perch fillets packed in 6 kilo cartons. We do not break up the cartons and sell by the kilo. One carton or 1000.

Wholesalers and Distributors

Buying Wholesale - Wholesalers Au.

Wholesale items and wholesale seafood items can be purchased at Geebung. We carry frozen potato chips in 15 kilo cartons and drums of cooking oil in 20 lt plastic containers.


Wild River Whole Barramundi. Saltwater farmed.

Clearwater Roe Off Scallops

Clearwater scallops.

Contact us at Richards Brothers Seafoods (Qld) Pty Ltd for the best seafood in South East Queensland.

Our Address

Unit 7, 209 Robinson Road East, GEEBUNG 4034. P.O. Box 277 GEEBUNG 4034


07 3265 2773


07 3265 7770



Peter Richards - Director 04 111 555 69

Patrick Richards - Director 0412 241 611

Steve (Operations Manager) 0417 805 486

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Richards Brothers Seafoods (Qld) Pty Ltd. We are located at Unit 7, 209 Robinson Road East, GEEBUNG 4034 Queensland, Australia. Phone: 07 3265 2773.

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