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Antarctic King Crab Clusters

King Crab


Antarctic Red King Crab
Species : (Lithodes santolla / antarcticus)
Origin : Chile (Antarctic Region XII)

The most magnificent King Crab
from the wild oceans of

Southern Chile's Antarctic Region

Bravely harvested July thru November

Antarctic king crab clusters

Snow Land King Crab Clusters

King Crab Clusters 01

Antarctic King Crab

Snow Land

The Product

Antarctic Red King Crabs otherwise known as Southern Red King Crabs are one of the world's premiums seafood products. In the Southern Hemisphere it is the equivalent of the Alaskan King Crab and is well known over the world for it's delicate, tasty flavour and rich meat texture.

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How to Eat Alaskan King Crab

Wild Seas Crab Clusters Cooking

King Crab Clusters

Snowland Cooked King Crab Clusters

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